Holy Cross Academy
  • Loving environment

    The infant room is a loving, peaceful environment that will nurture infants as young as 6 weeks old. Each baby is assigned to an experienced, primary caregiver certified in CPR and First Aid. All of our primary caregivers have received the pertussis vaccine to protect against the whooping cough. The teacher to infant ratio is 1:5. The infant room cares for a maximum of 15 babies.

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  • Sleep and supplies

    Caregivers will follow the feeding & sleeping schedules established by the parents. Each baby has their own crib; sheets are provided and changed daily. Parents are welcome to bring in a mobile, crib toys and photos to personalize your child’s crib. All infants will be put to sleep on their backs.

    Parents must supply diapers, wipes, diaper cream, formula/milk, and cereal/baby food. We will administer over-the-counter and prescription medications with signed parent permission. Each child has a cubby space to hold personal items, diaper bags, changes of clothes, extra bottles, etc. We recommend purchasing a Closetmaid fabric drawer to keep your child’s belongings contained and secure.

    Feeding infants

    Holy Cross Academy has an open-door policy; parents and breastfeeding mothers are welcome in our room. Individual freezer boxes are provided to mothers who wish to store frozen breast milk. Breast milk is thawed under running water; all bottles are heated with a bottle warmer. Each child has a labeled row in the refrigerator for storing premade bottles from home.

    Parents must supply clean bottles daily for each feeding clearly labeled with your child’s name. Babies are always held by a caregiver who is seated in a glider during bottle feeding. Caregivers will log feeding times, nap times, and diaper changes on a daily sheet for the parents.

  • The infant room

    The infant room contains gliders, swings, bouncy seats, jumpers, exersaucers, play mats, developmentally appropriate toys, and carpeted play areas (all of which are sanitized daily). Anyone who enters the infant room is required to remove their shoes or wear shoe covers. All infants must have an up-to-date immunization record at all times.

    Infants will not advance to the creeper room until they are developmentally ready.

    Prior to enrollment, you will fill out additional forms so the teachers will be aware of your child’s specific needs.


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