Extra Programs

Classes at Holy Cross Academy
  • Stretch-n-Grow available to 2 and up Classes are held on Wednesdays

  • Stretch-n-Grow provides high-energy fitness classes that ENGAGE, EXICTE, & EDUCATE. For more information contact Coach Kim @ kdrake@stretch-n-grow.com.

  • TUMBLEBUS available to children ages 18 mos.-5 Classes are held on Thursdays

  • TUMBLEBUS is a specialized recreational gymnastic program developed for children of all skill levels. TUMBLEBUS is brought to your child’s school on wheels. A full sized bus has been refurbished into a safe fun gymnasium on which the children have their classes. For more information, visit www.tumblebusgreenville.com

  • Children’s Chapel available to children ages 3-5 Classes are held on Tuesdays

  • Children’s Chapel is held in the sanctuary of Holy Cross Episcopal Church. The Director of Children’s Ministries leads the children in prayer, song, and a Bible story. The children sing songs like Jesus Loves Me, If You’re Happy and you Know it, My God is so Big, The Hippo Song, and Go Now in Peace, just to name a few. Following the Bible story the children talk about what they heard in the story. Chapel is a time for the children to come and learn new songs, sing with joy, and hear about God’s story. To contact the Director of Children’s Ministries you may e-mail children@holycrossep.org or call 864-967-7470.

  • More Programs

  • Music Man: Music Man comes to Holy Cross on Mondays and provides an energetic 1/2 hour full of music and movement. The children dance to creative songs with shaker eggs and colorful scarves!

    Soccer Shots: This is an introductory program for children ages 3-5. Classes 30 minutes long and are held once a week. Go to www.soccershots.org for more information.

    Dance: Introductory ballet classes are offered for girls ages 2-5. Classes are approximately 45 minutes long and held once a week. Go to http://www.letsdancesc.com/ for more information.