After School

Holy Cross Academy
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  • Fall-Spring (school year)

    The after-school program is for local elementary school students (kindergarten through 5th grade). We will pick your child up from school and transport them back to our center. Students will arrive at Holy Cross Academy between 2:45 and 3:15. Students are provided with a snack immediately upon their arrival from school Students are provided with 45 minutes of supervised homework time.

    Teachers will monitor and assist your child with his/her homework, but are not responsible for making sure it is correct and/or complete. Holy Cross Academy is open to all elementary school students from 6:30am until 6pm on teacher workdays, school holidays and snow days when our center is open. When students attend the academy for a full day, a field trip or special activity is typically planned. Please call for availability

  • Summer (out of school)

    Approximately 35-45 students ages 5-11 are enrolled in the summer program. Children will go on field trips a minimum of 3 days/week. Field trip destinations include swimming, skating, bowling, parks, restaurants, movies, Roper Mountain, Pump it Up, and more. You will be given an activity calendar at the beginning of the summer with destinations, departure and return times Lunch and snacks are provided. Please call for availability

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Holiday Closings
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  • April 15
  • May 30
  • July 4
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  • November 24 & 25